Special Request

Dealers Supply has initiated an urgent request to locate material on backorder.  Standard procedures have not yielded satisfactory results and as a result of this submittal, DSC will undertake the following actions with the involvement of appropriate supervisors and purchasers:

1. Re-check vendor supplies to include production schedules and alternate servicing locations.
2. Analyze DSC open orders to see if inventory can be reallocated.
3. Distributor Search
4. Check for Substitute Items

You should expect an acknowledgement from the assigned CS Rep within 30 minutes. Be advised that distributor search responses are not under our control and can sometimes take in excess of 24 hours to get answers from all sources.  Vendors sometimes have alternate servicing warehouses and shipping from these alternate locations and from other distributors sometimes incur additional charges.  If we are successful at locating your material at one of these locations, we will advise of those charges in our response.  We know that this is important to you and our goal is to resolve this special request at the earliest possible time. The assigned CS rep will keep you updated.