Return Policy

Return Policy

DATE: 01/23/20

Manufacturers have different guidelines and charges for product returns. Wherever the manufacturer has a policy that falls outside the scope of Dealers Supply Company (DSC) policy as detailed below, we have added that manufacturer’s policy to the appropriate price list and it will override DSC policy. In the absence of any return authorization guidelines on a price list, DSC policy will apply.

DSC Return Authorization Policy and Guidelines:

General Requirements:

  1. A return authorization must be issued before material can be accepted for return.
  1. Items approved for return must be in DSC possession within two weeks of issuance of the return authorization.
  2. DSC delivery charges will not be credited unless the return is for a DSC error and there will be no replacement order. All replacement orders for DSC error are shipped with no delivery charge.
  1. Requests for return authorization must be made within 60 days of invoicing.

Restocking Charges:

  1. All items will carry a minimum $60 restocking fee.
  2. Residential roll goods:
    1. from 20’ – 30’ in length will carry a 20% restocking charge
    2. 30’ – 60’ in length will carry a 15% restocking charge
    3. 60’ or more in length will carry a 10% restocking charge
  3. Stocking carton items:
    1. Less than pallet quantity (five carton minimum) will receive a 20% restock
    2. Pallet quantities or more will receive a 10% restock fee
  4. Returns for materials where hidden damage is discovered or where items were sent in error (i.e. wrong size, wrong color, order cancelled*, incorrectly labeled cartons, etc.) will not be assessed a restock fee.
    1. *Cancellation numbers are provided each time an order is cancelled. In the event material is delivered and the dealer cannot provide a cancellation number, the criteria for returns must be met and restocking fees will apply.
    2. If an order for residential roll goods has already been cut at the time cancellation is requested, then the order is subject to the normal return goods guidelines.


Items Eligible for Return:

  1. Regular stocking items for DSC.
  2. Non-stocking or special-order items may be returned if the manufacturer agrees to take back the items. In this case, the customer would be responsible for the return freight and the restocking fee as determined by the manufacturer.
  3. Residential sheet goods in quantities of 20’ or more in length.
  4. Boxed flooring items in quantities of five or more.
  5. All items that a dealer wishes to return due to vendor error, i.e. shipping errors, damage in transit, or mislabeled product are eligible for return. There are no minimum quantities and no restock fees for material returned for vendor error.
    1. Damaged material should be identified at the time of delivery and either refused or noted on the delivery ticket that damage exists.
    2. Requests for return due to hidden damage may be approved only when a DSC representative has inspected the merchandise and concluded that the damage would have been hidden at the time of receipt.


Items Not Eligible for Return:

  1. Items not in original cartons, opened cartons, or items otherwise not fit for immediate resale.
  2. Adhesives & installation supplies.
  3. Dropped or discontinued merchandise unless damaged or deemed not installable.
  4. Cabin Grade, Mill Trials, Seconds and clearance sale items are sold “as is” and are not subject to return. These grades of material may only be returned if a DSC or manufacturer representative deems the material un-installable. By their very nature Seconds will have some sort of visual defect and that defect will not be a basis for return.
  5. Boxed flooring in quantities of less than five cartons.
  6. Residential sheet goods in lengths of less than 20 feet.
  7. Cuts of commercial vinyl.
  8. Materials that are defective are not eligible for return. These items must be processed as a manufacturer claim.  If the manufacturer approves the claim and wants the material back, arrangements will be made to either ship the merchandise directly to the manufacturer at the manufacturer’s expense or return to DSC.