subject:     Return Authorization policy

date:            10/08/2008


There are two main categories of returns:  1) items that a customer wishes to return because they have over-ordered, ordered incorrectly or their customer has cancelled; 2) items that are defective, damaged, or sent in error. 

With regard to the first category (customer error), there is a 20% or $60.00 restocking fee, whichever is greater – unless specified differently below.  Returns of this type are subject to the following general requirements. 

1.                A return authorization must be issued before material can be accepted for return.

2.                Items must be a regular stocking item for Dealers Supply Company.  Non-stocking or special order items may not be returned unless the manufacturer agrees to take back the material.  In this case, the customer must pay for the return freight and the restocking fee as determined by the manufacturer. 

3.                Sundry items are not returnable. 

4.                Dropped or discontinued merchandise is not eligible for return.

5.                Items must be in a condition that is suitable for immediate resale.  Items not in original cartons, opened cartons, or items otherwise not fit for immediate resale cannot be accepted for return.  If the driver accepts material not fit for immediate resale and subsequent inspection at the branch discovers non-sellable material, credit for the damaged material will not be issued.

6.                Items sold as Cabin Grade, Mill Trial, or at warehouse sales are sold “as is” and are not subject to return.   “Seconds” quality material will not be accepted for return unless a Dealers Supply representative deems the material un-installable.  We assume that by their very nature Seconds will have some sort of defect and that defect will not be a basis for return.  Dealers Supply defines un-installable material as material having repeating holes or tears throughout the entire roll, de-lamination of the material from its backing, or the wrinkling of the carrier paper throughout the entire roll.

7.                Requests for return authorization must be made within 60 days of invoicing to the customer. 

8.                Dealers Supply cannot accept returns of sheet vinyl or carpet less than 15’ in length.  Roll goods from 15 – 30’ in length get a 20% restocking charge, 30 – 60’ get a 15% restocking charge, and 60’ + get a 10% restocking charge.

9.                Boxed items that are dye-run sensitive will be eligible for return only in quantities of 5 or more.  Trim pieces and boxed items that are not dye-run sensitive may be returned in any quantity and at the following rates. 

a.         Less than pallet quantity will receive a 20% restock fee.  But keep in mind that the $60 minimum restocking fee may not make this an attractive option.

b.       More than pallet quantity of the same SKU will receive a 10% restock fee.

10.             Items must be in Dealers Supply possession within 2 weeks of issuance of the Return Authorization. 

11.             Dealers Supply Delivery charges will not be credited. 

With regard to the second category -  materials where the customer feels that items are defective, where hidden damage is discovered, or where items were sent in error (i.e. wrong size, wrong color, order cancelled*, etc.), Dealers Supply may choose not to issue a return authorization until the material is inspected by a salesperson. 

1.  If the material is returned prior to an inspection, it is assumed that there is nothing wrong with the material until subsequent inspection at a Dealers Supply warehouse.  Consequently, restock charges will apply.  If the inspection confirms a defect, damage that was caused prior to delivery, or a shipping error, then restock charges will be removed. 

2.  If the customer is COD, the replacement order will be sent on open account.  In the event that it is determined that there is no justification for return of the original material, the customer will be financially responsible for both orders. 

*Cancellation numbers are provided each time an order is canceled with Dealers Supply.  In the event material is delivered and the dealer cannot provide a cancellation number, the criteria for returns must be met and restocking fees will apply.  If an order for roll goods has already been cut at the time cancellation is requested, then the order is subject to the return goods guidelines above.